How to Continue Healing after Back Surgery

You can start doing these things at 12 weeks, even light resistance work. Heavy lifting, more than 20 kg for men or more than 10 kg for women and repetitive lifting should be avoided permanently to avoid damaging the discs below and above the surgical site. People with back pain should take special care when gardening. Remember the recovery time after surgery. After the initial two-month period, you should only begin to garden gradually. Use the following tips as a guide.

For 12 weeks after neck surgery avoid overhead trimming, chopping and sawing of branches. After 12 weeks, you should take frequent breaks while performing the cuanto cuesta una cirugia de columna above tasks. Listen to your body in the first few weeks after surgery. If it hurts then don’t do it. This is something you should talk about with your physiotherapist.

When you get home, remember that the 20-minute sitting time limit still applies. You may want to use an alarm clock to help you remember to get up every 20 minutes when working at the computer. You can easily become absorbed by your work and forget the time. Arrange your workspace to reduce the strain on your spine. It is important to continue this habit even after you have recovered from your surgery.

Work directly in front of the computer. Place your documents as near to the computer screen as you can with a document stand. You should rotate the document folder if you find yourself looking at one side a lot. If you need to write on documents, raise the top of your document folder to make it upward-slanted.

The computer monitor should be placed at eye-level. Your neck and spine will flex if it’s too low. It may be necessary to raise your screen on a telephone book. You can use an extra keyboard and raise your laptop to the height of a normal computer if you are using a laptop.

Store items at different heights. Items that you use most often should be at waist level, while items that you rarely use are placed at knee or shoulder height. Storing heavier items on the shelves at the bottom and lighter ones up top will help you to avoid bending. You will be able to reduce the amount of bends you have to make.

You may be able to resume your sport of choice depending on your pathology and the surgery type you had. If you have followed an exercise plan, a gradual return to sports can be discussed after 3 months. Your physiotherapist is the best person to talk about your case and your goals. Your physiotherapist will offer you advice and customize your program of exercise to meet your needs.

After discharge, continue your exercise routine. Make an appointment to see a physiotherapist approximately two or three weeks following discharge. This will allow you to upgrade your exercises and learn how to safely return to functional activities.

Speak to your doctor if you have any questions. It is important to focus on your rehabilitation following surgery. This will help you recover. You should consult a physiotherapist who uses real-time ultrasonic monitoring to track the activity of your abdominal and spine muscles. A Pilates studio is a good option. The exercise program you choose should be tailored to suit your needs.

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